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By using this website YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ITS LEGAL NOTICES, so if you disagree with them, you should refrain from using the web as well as the services offered on it. M-LEAN reserves itself the right to make any changes on the website, and may modify, remove or include, unilaterally and without notice, new content and / or services and how they are presented and located, as well as the terms and conditions of the website.

You agree that access to and use of the site and its contents, takes place freely and consciously under your sole responsibility, and therefore you undertake to:

Access agreement:
  • Do not use the web for activities contrary to law, morals, public order, in general, and to use it lawfully and honestly under these Terms and refrain from any action which could damage , disable, or overburden the website and / or prevent the normal use and use by other users.
  • Do not manipulate or alter any content of the website without the express written consent of its owner. Any alteration, modification or manipulation without the consent of the owner, relieve it of its liability.
  • Do not reproduce, copy, distribute, communicate, transform or modify the contents, unless you have obtained the required authorization of the copyright holder or it is legally permitted, as well as delete, or manipulate the copyright and other data identifying the rights of M-LEAN.
  • Do not introduce or spread on the web data programs (viruses or any harmful software) that can damage the web.

M-LEAN does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the website nor can be held liable for any damages that may occur, or technical defects, including viruses or other harmful elements, whatever their nature, arising from the use of information and materials contained on the web.

In order to provide a better service, this site can store in the User’s computer small information files called “cookies”, which are used for the proper functioning of some of the services offered, as well as for usage statistics, diagnosis of problems in the web, and for managing some of the services offered. Cookies may collect anonymous traffic information. To limit or restrict the admission of cookies on your computer, the user can configure your browser for this purpose. For more information, please, visit our Cookie Policy).
Users are liable for damages of any kind that M-LEAN or any third party may suffer as a result of any breach of the obligations bound by these conditions.

M-LEAN assumes no responsibility or makes any control over any site that contains hyperlinks to external contents to it, however, will remove links that contain illegal content as soon it is aware of it.

M-LEAN may modify or withdraw any content at any time or advertisement made by any user who violates these terms and conditions.

User acknowledges that all content on the web and in particular, all information and materials, structure, selection, management and delivery of their content, and application development software used in connection with them, are protected by copyright intellectual property owned by the owner of the website or of third parties.

In any case access to them or their use by the user implies any waiver, transfer of all or part of such rights, or confers any right to use, modify, reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate the contents without the prior express authorization specifically granted for that purpose by M-LEAN or third parties holding the rights.

Corporate intellectual property :

M-LEAN is the owner of the elements of graphic design of the website, menus, navigation buttons, code, text, images, textures, graphics and any other web page content, or in other cases, has the corresponding authorization for the use of such elements.

All trademarks, trade names or logos displayed on this page are owned by M-LEAN and / or third parties. Using or downloading permanently, copying or distributing by any means without the required consent of its owner is forbidden.

In the event that any User or third party considers that any of the content has been added to the site in violation of their rights of intellectual property, the user shall send a notice to M-LEAN identifying himself and the holder of the rights, providing certificate or other evidence in the representation of such rights.

In order to obtain information about the usage of your personal data, please, visit our Privacy Policy.
Any information that any party communicates or makes available to the other or has access to any of them shall be considered confide ntial and shall not be disseminated, displayed, reproduced, copied, discussed with others, or employed by any of the parties for other than those purposes that led to its submission.

Legal Notice of Mobile Lean, 2019.

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Send us an email and we’ll get back to you shortly.

May we help you?

Send us an email and we’ll get back to you shortly.
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