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by | Dec 5, 2018

For the fifth consecutive year, the CIAC (Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia) has provided a showcase to present innovative projects aimed at the automotive sector as part of the 33rd edition of IESE Auto that took place in Barcelona on the 13th and 14th of November. On this occasion, the slogan was Back to the Future, where questions and ideas related to innovation in the sector, transformation of processes, and digitalization throughout the automotive sector have been brought to the fore.

We have been delighted to present the Mobilized Production System and show, with live demos, how the different tools from Mobile Lean introduce digitalization in an organic way. MPS is a non-intrusive system that is quick to implement and easy to use. At a time when the automotive industry is facing new challenges every day it is essential to have the best tools to face the great challenges in the sector.

At a time when the automotive sector is facing new industrial challenges every day it is essential to have the best tools.

MPS supports the production of high-quality products at lower cost. MPS integrates with the production systems to improve the efficiency of industrial processes.

The automobile industry, as always, faces new challenges in a globalized environment with an ever-increasing evolutionary dynamism. This environment drives rapid change in product evolution and certainly in how they are manufactured.


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