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MPS (Mobile Production System) digitizes and centralizes continuous improvement processes right from the shop floor.

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What MPS offers your company

Select, customize and deploy: on-prem or private/public cloud. MPS adapts to your needs.

Workstation standardization

A single tool that takes you by the hand to do a complete 5S workshop. Always maintaining the philosophy of shopfloor work: classify, order, clean, standardize and carry out the corresponding 5S audit.

Video work instructions

Create, update, and approve your work instructions with Visual Standard. The fastest and most efficient way to manage your organization's production knowledge. Train and evaluate your employees right on the shop floor. Whether you are online or offline, your knowledge is available for use anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Skill matrix

With the polyvalence matrix, easily assign the level of skills per worker. Immediately detect needs of training in different workstations of the factory. Keep the polyvalence matrix always up-to-date to achieve successful performance in each position and job.

Audits and Gemba Walks

Converge all the audits in your factory into a single tool. Eliminate all manual and paper processing using spreadsheets. Save critical time with every audit so you can focus on value-added tasks.

Centralized action plans PDCA

Raise the execution of your action plans to another level, whether the action originates in your own systems or in MPS. Track progress and notify users, while adding evidences that enable you to follow up. Access your full PDCA method through the Lean Dashboard.

Performing scheduled tasks and routines

The Daily Routine is not just a static checklist. Effortlessly add, prioritize, modify, or remove currently applicable checkpoints. Identify improvement actions during your daily routine and add them to the centralized action plan for timely follow-up.

Process and coordination in Problem Solving

Identifying the root cause of a problem, fixing it, and preventing it from occurring again is the real added value of a robust problem-solving methodology. Problem Solving makes it easy for you to reach this goal, allowing you to work as a team.

Guided Kaizen Workshops

If the continuous observation of the workstations is not enough for the improvement you need to achieve your objectives, it is time to use the "KAIZEN Tool". Work as a team to identify all the “non-added value” of operations and implement immediate solutions. Make your standards evolve in an impressive way.

Optimized TPM routes

When the flexibility of your machines and processes is pushed to the limit, the human factor is more critical. Optimize your time. Take the tablet, go to the shopfloor and the system will automatically propose the checkpoints you have to do today in your area depending on your role. Visualize the non-conformities of the previous shift and follow up on the action plans.

Strategic Plan - Hoshin Kanri

Define the strategic plan and the annual objectives of your team in a fast, simple and efficient way thanks to our digital system based on Hoshin Kanri. Achieve greater cooperation between teams, improving efficiency, internal communication and the use of talent.

We are mobile first

Mobility is not about bringing a device with you. It is about the enhanced work capabilities that accompany you where work happens.

Why mobile.lean MPS?

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